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Goblin Hero is a project I am working on. The basic idea is to fight slimes and save prisoners the slimes have captured. I am planning to make Goblin Hero a game, like Kingdom New Lands, where you can only move on the x-axis, so you cant jump etc.

I want your ideas on the game! What could I add, how could I change it? Tell me if you find bugs.

Currently I have made the graphics myself, but the goblin's animation is made by Warren Clark. Here is a link to his itch.io: https://lionheart963.itch.io/ and here is a link to his goblin sprite: https://lionheart963.itch.io/goblin-sprite

If you are interested in making graphics for the game, contact me. I want the art to be the same art style though.

Install instructions

The game is made on Unity. The downloadable zip-file has 2 items. An executable file and a data-file. Extract them both to the same folder, so the game can run properly. After extracting you can open the exe-file.

Controls: Use the arrow keys or A and D to move horizontally. Press space to attack. Free prisoners with F.


GoblinHero_0.1.3.zip 10 MB

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